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Why Choose Option Banque as your Binary Option Broker?

Why choose Option Banque?

In the busy and crowded world of financial brokers, a client today has endless opportunities to choose from a seemingly infinite number of online brokers. Within this very competitive space, we offer our clients some useful features and services of interest that we expect them to find attractive and reliable enough to choose Option Banque as their binary options broker of choice as outlined below.

Low Latency Pricing

Option Banque strictly works with low latency market data on the trading platform.

It does not aggregate or utilize inaccurate data in its asset pricing. When you are trading on the option banque platform you can be assured that you are trading upon the lowest latency market pricing on the market, and therefore your investment information and decisions are accurate and highly secure. Our online trading platform offers you direct market access.

Real-time charts

Option banque charts offer you real-time insight into the price behavior of the traded contracts

As well as a guide of the underlying market value of a specific asset. You are offered accurate real-time price information in a visual and intuitive format. To Apply technical indicators; easily view tick-by-tick data and interpret your charts until you are prepared to place your trade.

No hidden fees and commissions

It is absolutely free to utilize our trading platform and also there are no any hidden data fees.

You can access the trading platform whenever you desire to trade, free of any additional transaction charges.

Easy access

Log in and trade easily and simply using the Option banque platform.

The simple interface and easy to use features provide you with a very convenient and easy trading experience. Log in and start trading to achieve attractive returns conveniently. No downloads are required. All that is required is your username and of course, your password.

Trade your way

The trading platform is self-explanatory, annotated and is very easy to use.

Option banque lets you apply your own strategy, to implement and gain the highest possible returns from your market opinion and judgement. You need to simply choose a payout, an asset from with the major indices, currencies, commodities and stocks, and choose the duration of the trade, and your own strike.

Complete Control

With optionbanque, you are certainly in control.

Complete transparency of your downside or upside prior to every trade allows you to risk an affordable minimum capital; also your capital at risk will never increase not even gapping markets. You would have no surprises, and no margin calls.

Amazing Risk Management Tools

You have the opportunity to close your trade prior to its expiry in order to lock in gains subsequent to taking a position.

You can also double up your position if you feel confident after your position becomes profitable. You are also able to apply stop losses to protect your downside and you can even roll over an out of the money option onto the subsequent expiry, if you would like to do so.

Auto Trade

This is a highly advanced feature of the Option Banque trading platform, which allows traders and clients to utilize a highly sophisticated investment technology that was only available to large institutions and sophisticated Large Investors.

Auto Trading is a trading feature that utilizes a pre-programmed trading algorithm to scan for an execute trades in the market. You can choose its parameters, thereby reflecting your risk preferences such as assets to trade, amounts of risk, profit and loss boundaries, and the algorithm adapts its operations accordingly.*

Simple platform–Option banque provides the world’s financial markets in utmost simple and user-friendly platform.

*Please note

Auto Trading is neither solicitation nor a recommendation or guarantee for successful/profitable/useful trading outcomes.

It`s an automated process that allows users to trade in binary options using the features available within its configuration.
Please conduct your due diligence thoroughly prior to using Auto Trade in any form or manner whatsoever, and only use this feature/technology at your own exclusive risk. Option Banque/Capital Street is not liable for any losses or liabilities that arise due to the use of the Auto Trade feature.

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