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Turbo Options Trading - Option Banque

Turbo Options are extremely short expiry options, that allow traders and investors to trade the smallest time frames possible, at low levels of risk.

Turbo Options have expiry durations from 15 seconds (Super Turbo) up to 5 minutes.

They are identical to the standard digital options, except that they have an extremely short lifespan.

A client can select to trade turbo options within the trade room and check for the various products (currencies, commodities, indices, stocks and bonds) on which they are available at the time. The trader/investor can also choose, from the multiple expiry durations available any given product.

Then based on the direction that the trader/investor expects the price of the given product to move, within the selected expiry duration, the client can invest in a Call(up) or Put(down) option.

If the price moves as predicted by the investor/trader, and at expiry the asset price is above/below the entry price for the option, the investor/trader makes a profit. If the prices move otherwise, the investor/trader loses the invested amount/part of the invested amount (if capital insurance has been used, some of the investment is protected).

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