Investing often sounds complex and intimidating. Markets move fast, many factors have to be studied, and then there is the element of human psychology.Sounds an Uphill Task? Doesn't Have to Be.

Option Banque is a Premier Binary Options provider, offering you a chance to open an account featuring the best products and services in the business, with an unbelievable add on "Trade Insurance"

Yes, you read it right!!!! To help clients starting out with us, we offer them a unique opportunity. Open your account with us today and your initial trades with us are a 100% risk free.

Offer Details

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Deposit Number of Risk Free Trades Insurance Amount *
$100 - $299 5 $10(min) - $30(max) per trade
$300 - $499 7 $20(min) - $35(max) per trade
$500 - $999 10 $25(min) - $50(max) per trade
$1000 and above 25 $50(min) - $200(max) per trade
*For the exact number of risk free trades and the amount per trade that an account is eligible for, please contact your account manager when you open an account under the risk free trades promotion

Subject to our terms & conditions mentioned below, if your initial trades result in a loss, we cover them for you. If your trades are profitable, its business as usual. It's THAT simple.

Speak to our team today and begin investing without risk, and before you think that's all we have to offer, here's what else you will get:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • Free Educational Material
  • Access to exclusive options only available at OB
  • Informed and Empowered, 24/5 customer service
  • Safety Of Funds
  • And Lots More!

Terms & Conditions

Contact us today to open your account with us and your initial trades will be 100% risk free.

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