It's literally raining apples at Option Banque! What do you need to do be a proud owner of an Apple product?

Well, here's an easier and cost-effective way to become a lucky winner of precious Apple products, simply start trading today at Option Banque!In your day-to-day mode and once the amount of your total deposit reaches $5000, and the traded volume counts $6000, we will give you a precious Apple product as a prize!

No catches, no tricks, no sour grapes. Just Apples.

"It's Raining Apples At Option Banque" promotional campaign is held by Option Banque from 1st June 2015. All existing and newly joined clients of Option Banque can take part in the campaign regardless of their country of residence. In order to get a guaranteed iPhone 6, iWatch, iPad and Samsung Galaxy smartphones as prizes it is required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The total amount of deposits on a client's trading account excluding total withdrawal amount executed during the promotion period should reach $5000.
  • Total volume traded on the client's account should reach $6000.
  • Calculations of the total deposit amount and total volume traded on an account will be set up since the account opening date.
  • Once the promotion conditions are fulfilled, a client should send a request for his prize to
*Terms and Conditions

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