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Get The Best Trading Promotions From Option Banque

As a mark of our commitment to ensuring that Clients maximize their returns and minimize their returns when investing and trading through Option Banque, we offer almost all our clients the ability to utilize their capital in a way that enables them to learn and earn.

Bonuses And Free Trade Insurance

  • Bonus Plans designed in a way that turn our clients into our partners. Our Bonuses are used to strengthen client account balances and trading prowess.
  • “Trade Insurance” – A useful tool offered to qualified clients, which allows them to make a finite number of trades with the added support of their losses being hedged/ covered by Option Banque, should the transactions generate a negative return.
  • Up to 100% Bonuses
  • Up to $5000.00 in Trade Insurance
  • Possibility of Combining Bonuses with other fantastic promotional offers, subject to approval.

Rule Like A King

Option Banque Brings to you the experience of a lifetime via its “Rule Like A King Offer”.

  • As an expression of our gratitude for doing business with us, we offer you the opportunity to live the life of the royals.
  • Treat yourself to the life we all wish for in dreams, hear of in fables, and witness from afar.
  • We offer our exceptional clients the opportunity to choose between multiple, customizable holiday options within the destinations/experiences we have selected from amongst the most exquisite lifestyle experiences known.

Option A

A Journey on The Maharajas Express (India)

  • A choice of 4 exclusive holiday and trip itineraries on the Maharajas Express – A Royal Luxury Train, listed as one of the world’s most luxurious train journeys through a landscape populated with Legendary Kingdoms, History, Culture and Heritage
  • Business Class Round Trip Tickets For two, to India and back, are also included.
  • Local transfers and stays (if and where applicable) are also included.
  • Royal Memories from a grandiose era, that shall last a lifetime

Option B

A 7- Star Holiday At The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

  • A 3 nights, 4 day stay at the only true Seven Star Hotel in the world – The Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE.
  • Round Trip Business Class Flight Tickets for 2, to and from Dubai.
  • Concierge Services for the duration of the visit.
  • Additional, Custom Made local trips to explore the Attractions of Dubai – Burj Al Khalifa, Desert Safaris/Dinners, Adventure Sports etc.

Around The World in 80 Days

The Year – 1872, The Motivation – A Challenge, The Result – A Legend.

  • The excitement of discovery and the adrenaline rush of being the modern day Phileas Fogg, remains one of the most sought after experiences that, populates the wish lists of many. Option Banque brings this wish closer to reality with its “Around the World in 80 Days” Offer.
  • Open an account today and trade our simple and profitable options.


  • Round The World Trip across 5 continents with up to 16 individual stops.
  • Business Class Itinerary for 1 guest, with a possibility for an upgrade to 2 guests**
  • Customized Itinerary and schedules
  • Live the dream – Gift Yourself The World

*This assumes an account deposit of $100000.00 with a clear risk management strategy and no more than 30% of capital being invested/traded/risked in any one calendar day.

** Please check with us for details on the different possibilities of how the number of guests can be changed from 1 to 2.
Additional information is available in our Terms & Conditions

Raining Apples at Option Banque

Well, here’s an easier and cost-effective way to become a lucky winner of precious Apple products, simply start trading today at Option Banque!

  • No catches, no tricks, no sour grapes. Just Apples.
  • “It’s Raining Apples At Option Banque” promotional campaign is held by Option Banque from 1st June 2015.
  • All existing and newly joined clients of Option Banque can take part in the campaign regardless of their country of residence.
  • The total amount of deposits on a client’s trading account excluding total withdrawal amount executed during the promotion period should reach $5000.
  • Total volume traded on the client’s account should reach $6000.
  • Calculations of the total deposit amount and total volume traded on an account will be set up since the account opening date.
  • Once the promotion conditions are fulfilled, a client should send a request for his prize to support@optionbanque.com
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