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MCX Gold Options - Option Banque

What Is The MCX Gold Contract

It is a futures contract for the price of gold in India in India Rupees.

What Is So Special About MCX Gold Contract

In terms of the amount of investment and trading, this particular contract is now the world’s second largest investment and trading instrument for Gold.

What Does Its Price Mean

The price means the price of 10 grams of gold at a specific time in Indian Rupees.

What Is Meant By MCX Gold Options

MCX gold options are investment and trading products that is exclusive to Option Banquet as no other broker or dealer other than Option Banque currently offers it.

How Does It Work

We offer a number of binary options instruments for MCX Gold

How to Trade MCX Gold Options?

A user/trader/investor/client that has an account with us can trade the MCX gold options listed and available to trade at a given period of time.

The usersshould select the type of option they want to trade. They have choices to trade digital, turbo, range or touch options at Option Banque. After type of option, the timeframe needs to be selected. Option Banque offers trading in 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hour, 1 week and 1 month timeframe, then estimate the direction in which you expect the price of MCX gold to go between now and the expiry time. Based on the estimate, you can select the call (for market going up) and put (for market going down) option. Then decide on the amount to invest in and buy the option you have chosen (call/put).

What Happens Next

When the option expires, if the client/trader/investor has purchased the right option, he/she will profit at a pre-defined rate of return.

If you purchased wrong option, you may lose the invested amount. However, it’s important to note that in the event that the option selected is in loss (is “out of the money”), there exist possibilities to either roll over the option to the next available expiry, thereby extending the time available for the option. Also, if the option is in profit at any time prior to expiry, there exists the possibility of closing the option, with a profit, without waiting till the very end time of the option’s total available life.

What Is Sepcial About MCX Gold Options

Well its unique, because it’s one of the most cutting edge products that have been developed by us keeping in mind that the MCX exchange is now one of the biggest exchanges in terms of commodity trading volume in the world.

Secondly, for clients that wish to gain exposure to emerging markets, MCX Gold Options offer an opportunity to get exposure to the incredible potential of the growing market in the region, in a safe, secure way with affordable investment amounts.

Further, it’s a great way to explore the potential of these markets without any major commitments, as these options are available within regular client accounts opened with us, and the trading currency remains the base currency of the account i.e USD or EUR. Therefore investors have a seamless mechanism to try out these markets without exposing themselves to additional complexity.

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