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Ins & Outs of Binary Options Trading -

Jul, 15th 06:41


Binary Options are basically the estimations of assets’ performance through a specified time frame.

In order to fully understand the basics of Binary Options trading, first we need to take a look at how investment in other trading markets basically functions.

In various forms of investment, mostly the investors purchase the asset they invest in.

The value of the profit and loss is determined upon the changing value of the asset.

If the investor sells the asset back to the market whenever its value increases then they are making a profit, whereas if the investor sells the asset back to the market when its value decreases then they lose money. For an investor, this type of investment is quite worrisome.

On the other hand, Binary Option trading is much simpler.

In Binary Options we simply trade on the market and not in the market like other trading methods, therefore the amount of mental stress is less, as you are just predicting the asset’s movement for a predetermine time frame.

1 – The Definition Of Binary Options

Binary simply means “having two parts”.

In general, all you need to do is predict either “Call” or “Put“.

Binary Options trading has only two investment possibilities for you to predict and then you can choose accordingly between.

One investment possibility is expressed when you predict that the price of the asset will rise, this type of investment is named “Call” option.

Whereas, the other possibility is presented when you predict that the price of the asset will fall, this type of investment is named “Put” option.

Choosing an asset is the first step of your investment.

For instance, if you have an interest in gold prices, you may choose to place a binary investment in gold and the more familiar you will get with the gold market the better your chances will be to successfully predict the rise and fall of gold prices.

2 – What Assets Can Be Traded As Binary Options?

Option Banque offers a wide variety of binary contracts to traders.

Traders will have an option to trade with these:

Indices – Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkei, Tadawal, Kuwait, Dubai and many more stock indices.

Forex – Combinations for all the major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD

Commodities – Gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, Coffee and several more. Option Banque is the only broker that offers binary options trading in MCX commodities such as MCX Gold, MCX Silver, MCX Crude Oil etc.

Stocks – Over 50 of the biggest companies in the world from a variety of industries are available in the Option Banque asset list: Google, Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola and many more. Again we are proud to offer binary options trading in Indian stocks

3 – Where Can I Learn How To Trade?

The Option Banque education academy provides a valuable resource to beginner and skilled traders for learning and improving their binary options trading techniques and strategies.

Every registered Option Banque trader will get access to high quality educational material and a smart and hardworking trader will always do better than the investor relying on intuitive feelings and luck

4 – How do I trade With Option Banque?

With Option Banque you simply begin by choosing an asset you wish to invest in, let’s say that you are interested in the gold market and you think that the price of gold is going to rise in the next hour; what you need to do is simply decide how much you want to invest, the time frames and instruments.

The result of these actions could mean up to 550% profit on your behalf.

With Option Banque you can open an account today and start trading right away or you can try our Binary Option demo platform for practice purpose.


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