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FAQs -

1. General information about Option Banque .

How to start working with Option Banque

Do I need to sign any documents before I start trading?

No documents are to be signed as the sign up process is completely electronic. Before you start trading you are to send us a copy of your ID and proof of address. Documents can be emailed to customer.support@optionbanque.com

What licenses does Option Banque have?

OptionBanque is licensed and operated under the auspices of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Service Authority (SVGFSA) under the License Number 22064.SVGFSA monitors and supervises the international financial services sector and non-banking financial institutions in accordance with the various governing legislations and best international practices. Further, OptionBanque is proud to be a part of The Capital Street Group – a regulated group of financial services companies offering trading and execution services in securities worldwide.

Is Option Banque a tax agent?

Option Banque is an online broker offering trading services via an electronic trading platform in currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds and indices. We DO NOT provide any service or advice related to taxes of any kind. We do not charge/pay/manage/ advise on any kind of taxes in any capacity whatsoever.

Do you have any restrictions on working with the citizens of any countries?

We do not have any restrictions in working with citizens/residents of any country except those subject to international financial sanctions.

Note : Citizens/Residents of different countries may/may not be able to use the various account funding options we offer, based on the rules set in place by the payment service providers/banks we work with. Please feel free to contact us at any time in case you are facing any problems with registration/depositing into your account.

How does Option Banque make a profit?

Option Banque makes money from the commissions received on the trading volume in client accounts.

What is your platform time?

The platform’s time is the same as your local time.

What are your trading hours?

The market is open to trade 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Our clients can benefit from exclusive weekend options as well. Trading is available Monday to Sunday.

When is technical support available?

Technical support is available 24/7 by email and 24/5 by live chat

Can I request a callback from client support?

Yes, you can request a call back. Our support team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Does Option Banque offer trader training?

Yes, all traders are offered personal training, ebooks, videos and webinars, as well as 1-on-1 training and educational sessions, with our experienced market experts/analysts and traders.

2. Account registration and security

2.1. Account registration

How do I open a trading account?

To open live trading account, click here.

How do I open a corporate trading account with Option Banque?

Corporate trading accounts are available at Option Banque. For more information on features of your new corporate account, contact our support team and we will set up your personalized corporate account for you.

Can I open several accounts using the same data and a single IP address?

You can open multiple accounts using the same IP, however each account would need to be registered under a different email address. Bonuses can be credited to one account per IP address.

2.2. Some types of accounts available

What are the advantages of Power accounts?

The Power account is our entry level account for clients entering the markets for the first time, offering you low starting deposits from $50, and the ability to trade wide range of assets.

What are the advantages of Prime accounts?

Our most popular account for clients aiming to maximize their returns on capital through systematic trading methods. Full access to educational resources and webinars is also granted. Many other exclusive benefits such as exceptional promotional benefits such as higher bonuses, cash backs, and account insurance are also available to traders with Prime Accounts.

What are the advantages of Bespoke accounts?

The Bespoke account is a unique account that merges the best features from prime brokerage, private banking, wealth management and full service brokerage, for high volume traders with large pools of investable capital. It is a VIP account offering unlimited possibilities in terms of trading conditions and costs. The best feature of this account is that it can be opened with a much lower deposit than with other brokers, while the benefits offered are much greater than in any other comparable VIP accounts.

Further details related to our accounts can be found here

2.3. Account Security

My email account has been hacked and I use email confirmation.
What should I do?

Contact our support team immediately to restrict access to your trading account. Once that is done, we will setup a new account for you with your new email address. We will then transfer your funds into the new account where you can resume safe trading. Please Note : It is the sole responsibility of clients to ensure that their account access details are kept safe. In the event of account security being compromised from the client end, any delay in informing Option Banque regarding malicious activity in your trading account and any losses caused due to such a delay would be the sole responsibility of the client. We would only be able to secure a client account after being informed that the account has been compromised.

How Do I know that my financial/payment account information is
safe with Option Banque?

We do not store/record any payment method data/information that is submitted by a client during the funding of an account. Our website, backoffice, client area and trading platform are secured with the most robust security measures including 256-bit encryption and SSL certificates. All deposit transactions are completed at the bank/payment provider’s gateway directly, which means no third party(including Option Banque)  is able to access any data related to the payment methods used.

3. Personal Area

3.1. Access to the Personal Area

What is the Members’ Area?

The members’ area is your own secure back-office, where you can perform/submit requests for various administrative tasks. These include accessing/editing your personal information, requesting for bonuses, deposits and withdrawals, changing your password and monitoring your trading account. From the members’ area you can also access the trading platform.

How do I sign in to my Members’ Area?

Upon account registration you will be sent an email confirmation with the login details for your Members’ Area. You can sign in via the link in your email or directly from the top right corner of the home page at https://www.optionbanque.com/en/ (you can click on the yellow padlock if you dont immediately see the sign in fields)

I can’t sign in to my Personal Area. What can I do?

You can request a password reset from here

What should I do if I can’t remember which email address
and phone number I used to register?

If you are having difficulties remembering which email you have registered with, contact our support team and we will help you retrieve your password.

No email was sent to me during account registration. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder first. If an email has not been delivered, contact a member of the support team to confirm the exact email address you have registered with. In case you have provided a wrong/invalid email, it is best to register again with a working email id.

3.2. Sections of the Personal Area

How do I perform deposits and withdrawals?

You can deposit and request withdrawals from the Cashier section in the Members’ Area. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, local deposits, and bank wires to and from banks all over the world.

What is the My Trades tab for?

Under the My Trades tab you can monitor your trading history, with full details, including rate, payout, profit, etc. Select your desired time range and click the apply button to see your trading history for your required period of time.

What is the Past Expiries tab for?

Under the Past Expiries tab you can see all expires, with relevant chart and expiry rate and time for all options offered/traded during that time. Use this tab to refer to past market movements.

3.3. Identification of documents, phone number, and email address

How is the account verified?

To verify your account, send us a copy of your ID and proof of address by emailing them to customer.support@optionbanque.com. If you are depositing by credit or debit card, a copy of your card is also to be uploaded.

How do I provide a document to establish my identity?

You can provide a copy of your ID, passport or driving license by emailing them to customer.support@optionbanque.com

How do I establish my place of residence?

You can provide a copy of a utility bill or bank/card statement

Is submission and verification of documents required?

Yes, in order to trade in your account, it is compulsory to verify your account. Therefore, you are required to upload a copy of your KYC documents as soon as possible after signing up.

Please Note : Accounts that start trading before they are fully verified can be flagged by the system and will be deactivated/frozen and all trades made in the account prior to verification may be cancelled including any profits. This is part of standard KYC and AML policy set out by regulators worldwide. In order to avoid any inconvenience, all clients are strictly advised to always ensure that their account is verified fully before beginning trading.

Can I make deposits, trade, and withdraw funds without
verifying my documents?

You are required to upload your documents before you make a deposit. Once your account is verified you can claim bonuses, make deposits, request withdrawals and trade. Please Note: Option Banque follows a very rigorous KYC and Compliance policy as part of the regulatory requirements. Accounts that have not been verified and are trading without proper and full verification can face serious consequences including forfeiting of any profits/benefits/rebates that may have accrued into the account prior to full verification of the account. Option Banque accepts no responsibility for any loss of such profits/benefits/rebates/income as a result of such forfeiture.

Why are my identity verification documents rejected?

You will be sent an email explaining the reason for your documents being rejected.

3.4. Changing personal data and account settings

How do I change or recover my account’s password?

Click at the yellow padlock on the top right corner of the browser. Then select Sign in and choose Forgot My Password. You will be emailed a new password for the account registered under your email.

Can I change my primary mobile number?

To change your mobile number, send us an email with the correct details to support@optionbanque.com

Can I change my email address?

The registered email address of an account can not be changed. If you no longer have access to the email address that you have registered with, contact our support team. We will close your account, help you open a new one with the correct address, and we will internally transfer your funds between the old and the new account.

Can I change my account type?

Yes, all accounts are subject to an upgrade. Contact us via live chat and a member of the team will help you upgrade your account, and advise you on the most profitable offers with the best trading conditions, and exciting tools such as trading robots and social trading tools that are available to qualifying accounts.

Can I change my account currency?

Upon registration you can select the currency of your account to either USD, GBP, Euros or Roubles. Once a currency is selected and your account has been funded, the currency can no longer be changed.

How can I block my trading account?

If you no longer need a certain account, contact us via live chat or email and we will help you disable the required account.

4. Replenishing your trading account and withdrawing funds

4.1. Funding your trading account

How can I make a deposit to my trading account?

To make a deposit, login to your Members’ Area and go to the Cashier Tab. You will be offered various payment methods to deposit into your trading account. We accept all major credit and debit cards, local deposits, and bank wires to and from banks all over the world, as well as via Neteller and Skrill.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts of the initial deposit?

The minimum deposit required to begin trading with Option Banque is $50. There is no maximum amount.

How do I make a deposit using wire transfer?

To make a wire deposit, login to your Members’ Area, select Deposit tab and choose Wire Transfers. You will be then given the full bank details to wire your deposit to.

How do I make a deposit using my bank card?

To make a deposit using your bank card, login to your Members’ Area, select Deposit tab and choose Credit Card. You will then be redirected to our Cards Account Gateway, where you will be able to securely enter your card details and process your deposit.

How long will it take the funds to be credited to my account?

Funds credited via cards, neteller and skrill are credited instantly, as soon as your transaction is successful. Deposits processed via wire transfer/local deposits may take upto 5 business days to be available in your trading account.

How much is the commission?

All deposits are free of charge, except the bank wire where the bank fees on sending the funds are covered by you.

The Card Processing Bank declined my credit/debit card. What can I do?

Contact your card provider to confirm whether your card provider/bank needs to help you with any of the following

Can I withdraw and deposit funds on holidays and on weekends
when the market is closed?

Yes, you can request withdrawals during bank holidays and weekends. Requests will be processed within 24 business hours.

I made a deposit, but the funds were not credited to
my trading account. What can I do?

Contact our support team and we will trace your deposit immediately. Card deposits, neteller and skrill are credited into your trading account right upon your deposit. Wire deposits take upto 5 business days to be credited to your trading account.

4.2. Withdrawals from your trading account

How can I withdraw funds?

To request a withdrawal, login to your Members’ Area, go to Withdraw tab and select the payment method.

If I deposit funds to the account via a specific payment system,
can I withdraw funds via other payment systems?

Please note that under international anti-money laundering laws, we can only help you withdraw funds via the method of deposit. Thus if you have used a credit card to deposit, we will be able to return funds to the same credit card used in the deposit, up till the amount deposited. Any balance funds will need to be sent to your bank account via wire transfer.

How long will a withdrawal from my trading account take?

All withdrawals are processed within 24 business hours of request.

How much will the commission be?

Withdrawals requested from credit/debit card are subject to commissions as charged by your processing bank. Withdrawals via bank wire are subject to 20-50USD transaction fee charged by our sending bank. Additional fees may apply in cases where your bank has a different schedule of charges.

Can I withdraw funds when I have open positions in my trading account?

Withdrawals can be requested only after all positions in your trading account are closed.

5. Trading

5.1. General information

Will I be obligated to reimburse funds if my transaction closes with
a negative balance?

Your account is protected against negative balance.

How do I get my account trading statement?

Open your trading platform, go to My Trades tab and select the time range for the required statement.

What analytical tools does Option Banque offer?

You will be given daily technical analysis, market outlook, trade ideas and trade signals

Do you offer any bonuses?

Yes, you can claim upto 200% tradeable bonus + upto 100% risk free trades. All bonuses are credited upon your request either by email or in live chat.

Can I cancel a bonus after I begin trading?

Once trading has begun, the bonus can only be cancelled, after relevant adjustments have been made. All profits/losses made while trading with the bonus will be taken into consideration (profits are forfeited and losses deducted from the client deposit) written off along with the bonus.

Can I withdraw profit before volume completion?

Profit withdrawal can only be requested after full volume completion has been met. Should your balance upon withdrawal be lower than the bonus amount, no withdrawal will be possible until your account is in profit.

Please Note : The bonus is to be cancelled and removed from client accounts after the volume for the bonus has been completed, regardless of whether the account is in profit or loss. Should there be any extra trading volume in the client account using the bonus money, even after the required volume of the bonus has been completed, this is considered a re-use of the bonus and additional volume will need to be completed prior to any withdrawals being possible. The precise volume to be completed under the re-use of the bonus is at the sole discretion of Option Banque. Clients are strongly requested to clarify their individual case fully in any such case, or in case of any doubts with regards to the required trading volume in their account.

How does the risk free trades promotion work?

You can only request risk free trades/account insurance in your account, before trading has begun. Upon deposit, please come into the chat and reserve your risk free amount. Once you have reserved your insurance, you can begin trading. Any losses are to be claimed afterwards by email, not later than 24hrs of the expiry. You can claim the insurance at once, or in few installments until the account insurance amount is credited in full.

Can I withdraw the amount insured under the risk free trades?

Yes, the insured amount in the risk free trades is yours to withdraw after the required volume has been met. When trading with bonus and risk free trades, you can withdraw the risk free trades after full volume has been met from both promotions.

5.2. Trading conditions

What is the minimum and maximum transaction size?

The minimum trade size is $5. The maximum amount per trade depends on your trading balance.

5.3. Trading instruments

Where can I find the list of trading instruments?

Open the Trading Terminal from the Trade Now tab. Select one of the highly profitable options available. Under the category drop down menu, choose your preferred market to display the list of trading instruments.

Why does the strike rate for the XXX/YYY pair differs
from the one specified upon execution?

The execution price might vary in case of slow internet, or too many applications running simultaneously on your device.  Please Note : While the execution price mentioned will apply at most times, under unusual market conditions, strike rates can differ from than usual due to thin liquidity, large trade amount, higher volatility or unpredictable market circumstances.

Does Option Banque offer precious metals trading?

Yes, you can choose to trade a wide range of precious metals.

5.4. Trading platforms

Where do I download the platform?

We offer a download-free web based trading platform which you can access by clicking on the Trade Now tab on the home page.

6. Partnership

6.1. General information

How do I become a company partner?

To register as our Affiliate, fill up your details here. You will then be contacted by a member of our Affiliates support team to arrange the best commission plan to suit your business.

How do I find out the identity of users that have signed
up from my referral code?

Contact your Affiliate Manager and request a statement with your clients’ activity.

6.2. Attracting new clients

How to attract clients?

You can attract new clients by using your referral codes found in your Affiliates Console. You will find various banners and text links to be included in your promotional campaigns, that can be used in you blogs, emails, social media pages and on websites.

How can I register a client using my partner link?

Once a client follows your link by clicking on it, their registration will automatically be linked under your Affiliates account.

How do I get a banner?

Various banners are placed in the Affiliates Console, under the Choose Marketing Tools Section. When using social media as your source of promotion, you can save the banners on your device and when uploading them in social media, embed the hyperlink for the respective banner. Each banner has its unique code leading to a different sign up page.

6.3. Partner rewards

What is the frequency of partner rewards payouts?

Depending on the commission plan you have chosen the commissions/rebates can be paid daily or immediately upon your clients’ deposit. For full details, contact your Affiliate Account manager.

What commission plans can I chose from?

You can earn upto 75% one time CPA under the CPA plan, Upto 7% in the shared lifetime revenue plan, or a hybrid commission which is a mix between CPA and shared revenue.

Why didn’t I receive some (or all) of the payouts from my
signed-up client(s)?

CPA commissions can be paid in cash or in credit(into your trading account). Depending on the plan you have chosen upon commencement of your Affiliates program, commission is paid after certain volume is traded, or in cash if the immediate payment in cash is your selected plan. For full details, contact your Affiliates support manager.

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