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Exclusive Options Trading - Option Banque

Option Banque provides investor an exclusive feature through its global trading platform where they have an option to trade in the products listed in MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India).

They can trade Binary Options in MCX products based on their performance at MCX indices. All the binary options including Digital, Range, Touch and Turbo are available in this category. Investors have binary options available in following MCX products:

1. MCX Gold
2. MCX Silver
3. MCX Base Metal
4. MCX Natural Gas
5. MCX Crude Oil

What is MCX?

MCX, an independent commodity market in India and can be defined as Multi Commodity Exchange of India, includes a big number of commodities such as bullions, metals, energy, oil products, spices, fiber, pulses, Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals, Oil and Oil Seeds, Energy, Plantations and soft commodities for future trading. It has emerged in the share market as one of the best investment doorway or portal which can serve to the needs of all the individuals along with those who are investing with a modest capital, outgrowth substantial profits within least span of time.

Advantages of Trading Binary Options with OB Exlusives

By trading in OB Exclusives the investor can get benefits through different ways. The following are major advantages of trading Binary Options with MCX Products with Option Banque:

Easy to Start – Unlike MCX, investors can start trading on Option Banque with a smaller amount e.g. $50, $100, etc. They don’t need to worry about the minimum amount to trade unlike the other markets.

Prices Available in Local Currency – In this feature, prices are available in Local Currency e.g. INR for MCX where all the products have their prices in INR and market changes in INR only. So any investor who is familiar with any product’s price in local currency for example Gold can easily trade with this option. However, the actual investment or trading would be in USD only. This feature allows investors to be familiar with the prices and be confident about the variations in the global market.

Small Investment – There is no minimum limit to invest or buy a product like MCX where every product has a fixed time period and minimum order size for future contracts. Option Banque provides you an option to trade Binary Options on these products which allows you to trade only on Up and Down movements of the product in the MCX and enables you to trade with a small investment.

Quick Returns on Investment – As mentioned earlier, there is no fixed time period and minimum order size with OB Exclusives. With Binary Options trading with these products investors can get quick returns as soon as 30 mins to 7 days or 15 days. This depends on the options (Digital, Range, Touch and Turbo) you are choosing.

Easy Withdrawals– With Option Banque you have a facility to withdraw your money as soon as you make a profit on any MCX listed product which is an added advantage.

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