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About Option Banque - Best Binary Option Broker & Trading Platform

Option Banque is a trading brand owned and operated by Capital Street BancClear Corporation Limited – a company incorporated, licensed and operated under the purview of the Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA) vide licence no 22064.

Option Banque is a concept that aims to consolidate the different kinds of financial investment assets available globally, in one simple to understand investment concept – Binary Options.

The aim is to do away with various complex and confusing means of investing capital in financial markets, which often lead to less than maximal returns for clients, due to hidden charges, vague terms and conditions, and fluctuating levels of financial risk.

All the products on our platform are simple, clean and straight forward Binary Options on standardized benchmarks and all our terms and conditions of their trading are very clear.

Binary Options are particularly convenient and attractive for investors and traders as they offer the lowest possible risk within investment products. Binary Options offer investors a fixed risk, fixed return product that they can invest in, and their biggest advantage lies in the fact that these products are simple to understand as the risk and return is based on estimating the direction of the markets, rather than their exact levels, at any given point in time. For example a binary option on a stock allows the investor to estimate whether the price of the stock shall be above or below a pre-set price level, at a time ranging from a few minutes (or seconds) to a few days/weeks/months from now. The return of the amount invested is known before investing, and the capital risk is limited to the amount invested by the investor.
We offer multiple account options to choose from, which allow clients to select the most suitable account for their trading needs.

Group Profile

The Capital Street BancClear Corporation is an independent constituent company within the Capital Street Group.

The Capital Street Group is a boutique financial services organization that operates a diversified group of companies, that together comprise the Group. With a comprehensive array of services ranging from Capital Market Execution to Private Banking services, we aspire to become the provider of choice for individuals and institutions globally.

Tracing its origins to the pioneering efforts of its founders since 2002, The Capital Street Group has grown from being a cutting age concept in the world of finance, to becoming an innovative provider of turn-key financial products and services.

Comprising 8 companies under the Capital Street brand umbrella, the group today maintains a presence in all major financial centers of the world, through its network of 10 offices, to offer clients state of the art products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a team that has accumulated a combined experience of 500 man years within financial services, Capital Street operates a professional and lean business, focused on the coming innovations in the marketplace, and mapping the suitability of such innovative products and services to the requirements of its clientele.

With well established relationships with some of the biggest institutions in the world, including Banks, Financial Exchanges, Prime Brokers, Multilateral Trading Facilities and various other Counterparties of significance, Option Banque provides clients access to one of the largest consolidated network of financial products and services, with a turnover of more than $2 billion annually.

Email: support@optionbanque.com

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